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With the major response we received from transforming our best selling Thotumn Brew into a Heaux Bag friendly 4 oz edition, we've decided to do the same for our Heauxiliday favorite: Cin City Brew. We've compacted this brew into a mini version to take with you on the go. But first, let's re-acquanint you with the original.


Cinnamon is known as the root that speeds shit up and gets it going! Red is the color of passion, love, fire, and motherfawking desire. Blessed oils and herbal blends help clear the way and turn you into the passion seeker looking for the good kind of trouble.


With an intoxicating scent of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and orange; we also added a special earthy pack of cloves, fresh pine tree, acorns, and hibiscus. Be prepared for a smoldering experience!


Uses: Hair oil, Body oil, Candle dressing oil (especially for prosperity and love drawing/attraction/domination spells), Spiritual baths, & Rituals Massage oil (especially to the bew you got your claws on. Meowwww). Create your own uses!


4 oz mini bottle

Cin City Hair & Body Oil

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