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Whew! Y’all asked and we’re stocking it here...for now. Our underground hit Hedonist Hair & Body Oil is not one for the faint of heart! This is for the woman who knows what she wants and has no problem bringing the world to its knees! Heaux kay! 👏🏾


We’ve created this cult favorite by combining raw oils with powerful blessed oils, and herbs to create a powerful domination and attraction potion. We stepped it up even more with organic sugar cane and Jamaican sugar cane to really sweeten you up for the deal! And the scent! Whew Chile. Good for attraction spells, candle dressing, cologne etc.


Dab some on your wrists and hotspots before an important meeting or romp with somebody’s son. Bring all the boys to your yard. We are not responsible for the surge of attention and domination that comes with using this product.


8 oz bottle

Hedonist Hair & Body Oil

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