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Introducing our Ancestor money joss paper heaven bank notes. Ancestor money are “offerings” for loved ones/ancestors who have transitioned over. Burning this money provides a burnt offering to help ancestors “pay off” any karmic debts, offenses, residual grievances, spiritual hardships, or scores that may impede them from assisting you to their fullest ability.


Ancestor money is appropriate for funerals, ancestor birthdays, death anniversaries and any other special day that is significant to your ancestral. They are also commonly burned as offerings for ancestors and requests for blessings of prosperity and good fortune. These "Hell Bank Notes" are also traditionally used to provide family members with money and material goods in the afterlife. The higher the note amount, the more debt it clears. Our notes are $800,000,000,000.


Dimensions: 23.3*12.2cm/9.1*4.8inches.


Directions: in a clean space or at your altar, light one end of the ancestor money and set your intention for it in your ancestral line or with a certain ancestor.


Please ensure that you have a fire safe cauldron (try our Abalone Shell) underneath to catch ashes (you can use these for ritual). The quicker it burns, the better. It has been said that the more green the light is that comes from the flame, the more the ancestors have accepted the offering. Repeat your intentions until all intended money is burned. We recommend burning a few notes at a time but this can be adjusted based on how much debt or abundance you wish to give. Please remember to put out fresh water/rum & fruit/food for ancestors to elevate the offering.


Each bundle consists of (20) $800,000,000,000 Bank Notes.

Moneybagg Notes (Ancestor Money)

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