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Shipping Policy

Due to our unique infusion and blessing process, our fulfillment process is up to 10 business days. It should also be noted that we utilize various moon cycles in the process of our curation.


This allows us to custom make and hand curate all skincare products from scratch. From scratch y'all. We never use pre-packaged items and promise to always provide the freshest products curated from only the freshest ingredients. As such, Each order is  handcrafted especially for you. It should be taken into consideration that we take raw vegan oils and double infuse them. We also have products that are blessed on our altars with offerings before shipment to extra elevated vibrations and love. Lastly, our various smudge sticks, yoni care products, and other  accessories  are sourced  from various ethnic geographies around  the world. All elements require the  respect of time and extra patience but we assure you that the wait is worth  it. This is also the reason why we include treats in every sweeten the anticipation. 

Return & Exchange Policy

Due to the nature  of our products and our dedication to provide fresh  products to  our #SAUCEFAMILY,  we do not accept refunds or exchanges. 

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