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Black Sauce

A Plant Based, Esthetician Curated, Wellness Brand. Hand-Curated Products Sourced From Ingredients Birthed In Melanated Geographies.

Welcome Home. 

Meet a.Nichole

MEET a.Nichole,
Our Founder & CEO

Hello, I'm a.Nichole

Licensed Esthetician. Herbalist. Reiki Practitioner. Behavior Scientist.  Psychology scholar. Certified Cosmic Sexuality Instructor. Childhood Plant Lover. Self-Care Enthusiast. World Traveler. 

Welcome To Black Sauce & thanks for stopping by!

I am honored to provide my unique wellness brand that is inclusive of divination products, 


 I have always been a lover of herbology and holistic practices since a child. Traveling and having access to different plants, goods, and indigenous wares have always lit me up. I used to sit at restaurant tables and create “products” out of the fruits, sugars, salts, oils etc. on the table. I’ve always loved to study plants and explore their benefits for our skin and equilibrium. 

In 2007, when I had my baby, I began to notice little bumps on his skin before his 2 month Well Baby Visit. On the day of his appointment, I was told by his pediatrician that he had Eczema. After reading the confusing “Ingredients” on the back of the prescription lotions he was prescribed, I decided that my baby’s skin was way too precious to be subjected to ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce. The plant based skin care experiment was reborn inside of me at that point. 

In 2016, I started Black Sauce. I wanted to offer My advocacy for self expression & freedom with the unique language of my a.Nichole persona in a matrimony with my adoration with creating natural holistic care items from scratch with my bare hands. 

Most importantly, I wanted to create a space where people could get all of these products in one shop. What you see in my store is the hybrid of all of the aforementioned thoughts. Our products are hand curated from scratch and ethnically sourced from various cultural suppliers around the world who I have been blessed to befriend in my travels. I hope you enjoy. Bless up.



“Black Sauce be having me out here getting ate straight off the bone! Y’all better come get y’all one of these!”

H. Durcell

“I Love getting stopped on the street and asked the name of what I’m wearing…the looks on their faces! LOL!”

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